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The IB Leadership Playbook.

Partnering with us will add capacity, energy and ideas to your leadership.

Each month we will;

  • Deep Dive. A collaborative exploration of effective practice supporting a particular theme.

  • Mini PD.  The iArticulate Mentors or a guest speaker will share techniques to support your practice

  • Share. Q&A with the iArticulate mentors, an opportunity to build solutions for your context.

Please check out our upcoming schedule below. 

We aim to adapt to our cohort. Subscribers will be engaged to establish their needs and themes will be developed to support them. 

Individual mentoring and small group mentoring is also available, simply download our brochure and get in touch!

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learning in action

Are you a programme coordinator? Extended Essay or TOK Coordinator? Leading CAS and Service programmes or subject departments?


Imagine: Confidently navigating the complexities of your program, fostering a thriving learning environment, and feeling connected to a supportive community.


That's the power of The IB Leadership Playbook.


Ready to transform your IB leadership journey?


Click the link below to secure your spot at the next meeting. Space is limited!

collaboration for programme development
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