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A Playbook for Leaders and Educators in IB Middle Years and Diploma Programmes

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iArticulate Mentors

Your trusted partners to build a thriving International Baccalaureate programme

"As a new IB leader, you have guided me with clear and practical tools to figure out school situations based on your observation, research, abundant experiences, and open-minded understanding. I have been very impressed. It's like a complete and organic growth within our program. I believe that I and my school will have a profound growth journey as a result."

Chingyu Tsai, Director of International Studies,

Dayuan International Senior High School, Taiwan

We understand the unique challenge of articulating IB philosophy, values and practice in your school context.


Our collaborative relationships go beyond time-limited, themed workshops. Formally required workshops are an essential part of training, but we have shown that empowering educators to lead their training through collaborative coaching leads to quicker and more sustainable understanding, confidence and competency.


Through sharing our many years of experience and experitse, our bespoke support demystifies the process of articulating the IB Core.

Our mission is to enable school environments that develop inquisitive, caring, globally aware people.

Our Why

FOR RAJU Copy of iArticulate's IB Playbook for international school leaders and teams (2).

What We Deliver

Programmes that suit your team through a bespoke reflection and planning process

FOR RAJU Copy of iArticulate's IB Playbook for international school leaders and teams (8).

Increased collaboration and feedback through reflection on practice encouraging risk-taking and inquisitiveness as a team

FOR RAJU Copy of iArticulate's IB Playbo

Growth in leadership capacity and confidence through IB Leadership Playbook training for International Heads, IB Coordinators and Middle Leaders

FOR RAJU Copy of iArticulate's IB Playbook for international school leaders and teams (6).

Improved competency and connectivity by enhancing student engagement through accessible and effective techniques to articulate the IB Core

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Are you a programme coordinator? Extended Essay or TOK Coordinator? Leading CAS and Service programmes or subject departments?


Imagine: Confidently navigating the complexities of your program, fostering a thriving learning environment, and feeling connected to a supportive community.


That's the power of The IB Leadership Playbook.


Ready to transform your IB leadership journey?


Click the link below to secure your spot at the next meeting. Space is limited!

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How can we help you?

Woud you like to learn more about effective articulation of the IB Core in your practice?

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