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Chingyu Tsai, Director of International Studies,

Dayuan International Senior High School, Taiwan

As a new IB leader, you have guided me with clear and practical tools to figure out school situations based on your observation, research, abundant experiences, and open-minded understanding. I have been very impressed. It's like a complete and organic growth within our program. I believe that I and my school will have a profound growth journey as a result.

​ Angela Wu, Librarian and Language A: Chinese Teacher,

Dayuan International Senior High School, Taiwan

“Our school was authorized by IBO recently, and many things are uncertain. John and Jonathan provided me with confidence and new ways of thinking. They are well-versed in the IB spirit and have rich practical experience. They achieve a good balance between these two things, and provided me with the support I needed.”

Sibyl Yu, Chinese A: Language and Literature Teacher,

Dayuan International Senior High School, Taiwan

"Before working with you, I hoped to increase my understanding and skills of IB teaching methods. The result is as I expected. I would definitely recommend you to other schools. Thank you so much!"

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